air-conditioner-and-remoteMost of the time, if you notice your A/C has stopped working or is not working according to your expectations this makes one sweat right, but there are a couple of things that may lead to it performing this way as advised by our experts at Do not be too quick to pick your phone and call your technician. First try and check.

There are a few things you need to do to ensure your A/C’s life, performance and the service it gives to you are excellent. Before you go out to purchase an A/C first come up with the room and position where to place your A/C. This helps you to understand the type you will purchase depending on space of the room.

The reason why your A/C doesn’t work when its hot can be cause by different reasons. When the thermostat is on the wrong fan settings it might cause the A/C to blow hot air. These settings controls the fan in the air handler which is the A/C inside unit.

When it is set on this means the fan runs through out even when the air is not being cooled out making the air to be hot at times. Its advisable to turn your A/C into auto mode giving it full control to cool the air when need be.

When the air filter is left for very long without changing, it gets dirty which may cause the A/C to get damaged easily, it is also recommended to clean the outside of the A/C at least once in a year with the garden horse.
There are two breakers in an A/C one inside the other one outside.

If the outside breaker trips the inside will blow continuous air in your room.This is a problem which need to be tackled by a technician. It is also advice that you turn off your A/C then on before you and observe its performance before calling a technician.